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It's War

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Yesterday we went to Tewksbury to see a re-enactment of a 13th century battle. Apparently it's one of the biggest in Europe :)

So there were 2000 people taking part in the battle and another 3000 who dress up and pretend to be wives etc (according to the blerb) many coming from France and Holland.

It was a good day, wandering around the "camps" and looking at stalls selling authentic costumes, armour and weapons :)

The battle itself was a bit of a damp squib but the best part of the day was two performances by a strange German band, who play a sort of Medieval style rock type music. Very strange but fantastic to watch. They also told stories, their version of Hansel and Greatel was bizzare and not really suitable for children :doh: Especially as the guy who dressed up as the witch (wearing a short black pvc nurses type outfit) was not wearing underwear, as I discovered when he pretended to die B)

Heres some photos, check the shoes out :)

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Is that a very strange bagpipe?

Strange German ones :unsure:

It was the lack of underwear wearing that shocked me :blink:

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