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8 Months...

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Well Nellie Roo is now 8 months old, and is doing grand: she's mastered the art of crawling at speeds that would make Schumacher proud and has recently moved on to trying to walk....she can now manage to get herself around the room by clinging onto the furniture. Oh, and we bought her one of those wooden truck things with blocks in and she can now zimmer frame herself around the house too (that's as long as she doesn't park it in a wall, of course! B) :doh: )

Anyway, she's now 19lb 3pz, and is on the 50th centile range and so is officially 'average': it's so nice that she's no longer 'special'

A couple of pics from our recent Scottish sojourn:



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Wow she has filled out! It's good too that she has caught up size wise. Love the socks!

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Wow :blink: She's certainly got bigger (in a nice, healthy way of course :D )

She looks so cute in those piccies, especially paddling in the sea B)

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