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It is a common "moan" or complaint from a human being that they are constantly tired. But I get close to falling asleep on the bus on the morning and I get close to falling asleep on the bus in the evening. After I get home off the bus and get home I go to bed and fall asleep. Thank god the world cup is on otherwise I would spend all evening asleep! I’m usually quite a tired person but the last few weeks have been something else! I take it being down to being the end of the college year… or at least I hope it is… I’ve never had the ability to fall asleep at any god given time until now! I had 10 hours sleep last night but still had the “ability” to fit in another two hours in the afternoon! Sleeping during the day is certainly not a positive thing as it disrupts my “conventional daily routine” and makes me extremely cross and depressed when I wake up, which explains why I’m so snappy now. Also it’s another warm Saturday which doesn’t help. I still found some time to do some gardening. My Salix trees leaves which I had been pruning went brown and shrivelled up… possibly because of the lack of rain. So about 10 or 11 days ago I pruned it back right intensely until there were only a few green buds here and there, but now the buds are coming out again and it’s green and healthy… quite quick as well, because of the high temperatures one assumes.

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I often have a nap (40 winks as me Grampy used to call it) for 20 ish minutes in the afternoon which just refreshes me. However if I do sleep longer, and especially for an hour, it is really disorientating. I end up wondering what I've missed in 'the world' :lol: .

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Go to the docs and get a blood test, it could be Vitamin B12 deficiency :nonono: If you have it you will feel soooooooo sleepy all the time. I had it when I was expecting little lady and got a course of 5 injections and :blink: wow what a difference

Certainly worth having a bit of an MOT, lots of things like Anaemia can make you feel like pants :rolleyes:

Good luck B)

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