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The longest day was yesterday and it got dark about 11pm, was out playing footie so was great fun

I have 3 weeks and 6 days left til my 'holiday' in the UK, cant wait to see everyone again. its been a year almost since I was last year so it will be interesting to see whats changed. On thing I do know is that I am gonna need shed loads of money as everything is half price out here. Petrol is 45pence a litre, and average meal in a restaurant costs 7 quid a person, but the beer is more expensive??? guess that explains the lack of binge drinking teenagers on the streets lol

Problem I have found out here though, when looking for clothes, it aint happening. Living in a mountain town there is just mountain clothes, which I guess I shold have expected but being naive I thought they would cater for everyone.Yeah I know, so its an hours drive into Calgary to the city to pick up normal clothes lol

Right, back to work, only 1 day till the weekend and 3 til the England game, yay

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Hey! Great to see you have come to blog land!

It's good to hear of the invents oversea's always interesting.

Keep posting and for goodness sake don't stop that gorgeous

webcam with my dream house on it!!!

Is your house a bit like that? Do you think you could email me some pictures of your roooms? Might just have to design a house to look like those LOL. x

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