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1966 And All That...

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Another trip to Somerset again this weekend, this time for Father's Day. Another Al Fresco meal dispite the chilly breeze and lack of sun...what is it with us Brits, it's Summer, so even though the weathers not suitable, we are going to sit outside and eat! Brings back memories of people sat eating ice cream in shelters on Bournemouth promanade during a force 10 gale just because they are at the beach...

Conversation came and went throughout the afternoon with nothing constructive said when out of the blue the old man piped up, "it all started with the World Cup in 1966, if England hadn't won we wouldn't all be sat here."

It's a great statement, and to be honest I guess there are a fair few of us who would not have been here if England hadn't won that year, but I can also point out that such statements don't always go down well with the other half of the relationship - my Mum - just a young girl at the time who unxpectingly ending up with a World Cup bun in the oven!

So here's an advance warning to any fathers out there, just in case England find themselves in a World Cup final again - lock up your daughters!

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