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Golfing Weather

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Wednesday, A day off, the storms and rain had passed, disappointingly we just had the rain, but the day off was a chance for a game of golf with a friend in Swindon at the Broome Manor course. The day started grey but the BBC forecast predicted a clearance from the west and the possibility of some sunshine - shorts for golf perhaps?

A few minutes outside and I soon changed my mind, too cold for shorts but a t-shirt would be ok.

The drive to Swindon took an agonising hour, a horse box, several motorists with a top speed of 40mph and a tractor all helped to almost double the journey time.

Things only got worse as I passed Marlborough, fog and low cloud obscuring the view, this was not going to be a fun day in the sun!

3 & half hours later I decided it was the coldest June day of golf I'd ever had, me on the course in a t-shirt everyone else in full winter warmers, moral of the story, never trust a weather forecast, the English weather is ever changing and always keep a sweater in the car!

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