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University- And Sloganiser

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Thundery wintry showers


Currently cracking on with this main project, and failed the latest PhD application- looks like I'm going to be going home and looking for jobs (preferably related to meteorology!) in the autumn.

There were some astonishing thunderstorms yesterday, which I posted about in the storms section. Continuous thunder for 20 minutes isn't something that happens very often, let alone three individual storms in one day.

It seems that Sue started something of a trend among the moderators with Sloganizer.net- I had a look on there myself. After the usual typing in of my own name, I had some humorous experiments typing in the likes of "thundery wintry showers", "snow showers", "the weather", "the GFS", "an idiot", "a complete failure", "pie", "a nonce", "an imbecile" and "murderers"... plus some vulgarities... and some humorous stuff came out. My favourite was:

"I wish I was a complete failure." :rolleyes:

And how about: "Call a friend, call an idiot."

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