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Of Mice And Mistakes

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It's a fact of country life that when you live in an older house you will encounter mice. This usually happens as the winter draws in and the cold damp air drives them inside.

However there is always an exception to the norm and that was last night. Both happily sat watching TV when we were disturbed by a noise under the kitchen sink. Closer investigation revealed a young mouse trapped inside our undersink bin, jumping for all his worth he was just unable to clear the top edge and escape.

Feeling a little compassion for the small fellow I removed the bin and went outside to release him. One small point I over-looked was that the local cat was sat under our garden bench, no sooner had I released the mouse on the lawn the cat had shot past me at high speed chasing the mouse under a nearby hedge. The cat emerged triumphant and I was left feeling a little guilty, but in the end I guess it is all just natures way.

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