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Nothing To Report, Oh, Except A Fire Engine

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After a day on Hampshire storm watch, nothing to report. A real shame, the day started well, it had already been raining when I got out of bed at 8am (some of us do sleep-in in the Country) so with a bit of thundery cloud about I really felt there was every chance of a storm at some point in the day.

A mid-afternoon trip to the dentist for the first stage of a crown fitting did nothing to improve the day especially as it was stinkingly hot in the small surgery room even though two fans were going flat out. Back in a fortnight for the final fit (glum face)

One small highlight and slightly weather related. The car park I parked in was the site of some high drama. A fire engine came screaming into the car park all lights blazing after it's short trip of about 750 yards from the fire station, to attend to a car which was overheating, appeared to be dripping petrol and in danger of catching fire, it was just a shame the fire station was so close as the very old astra was saved from the flames before they even got going. Good Job Boys!

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