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Long Weekend

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It's been a long busy and hot weekend. Saturday's main event was a trip across the road to the village pub to see the football, but ended up being a chance to catch up on the local gossip from all the people in the village I hadn't seen for a while. Sank a few beers in the local before retiring to my Brother in Law's for a bar-b-que and a few more beers - the evening weather was ideal for this warm and sunny with a nice breeze.

Woke early Sunday to a bright hot morning but it soon started to cloud up. Travelled down the Somerset in the afternoon for my Grandma's 80th birthday, another bar-b-que! weather here was more cloud-free than back home but by late afternoon the clouds had filled in and the sky darkened, really looked stormy, but by the time we left, just after nine, we had only seen a few spots of rain. The journey home was dry and still just light as we approched Stonehenge.

I know several of the local farmers were hoping to have some hay making done over the weekend, I sure they managed to get done what they had planned.

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