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Everything is a bit boring and dull at the mo. The sun is shining but not much has happened except mild sunburn on my lower back today whilst at a carboot sale.

I was trying to find more clothes for Tilly now she is weening (and making a championship style mess :unsure: ) I was lucky and found a woman who seems to have spent most of her husband's hard earned cash at Next etc, so I came away with enough clothes for the next 6 months for not very much money :wub:

House sale seems to be going ok (touch wood) and I am looking forward to getting down to Devon and finally settling. To be fair, I never felt settled here and will be quite glad to get away from the place :rolleyes:

Oh and there seems to be a football thing going on........me, I was dancing my little booty off in the kitchen while hubbie watched the footie tonight :blink: (he has Angola and is hopeing for the booby prize :nonono: )

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