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Hot, Hot, Hot

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Blimey it's been hot for a week now :( As hubbie says, I'm not designed for hot weather as I have too much Viking blood in me :rolleyes:

It's stress, stress, stress at the mo :blink: In an attempt to stop the house chain failing, we have agreed to put everything into storage and camp out with various relatives for a short while if necessary :unsure: I may end up regretting this decission :wub:

Little fella is really looking forward to moving, the house has his requirements....a chimney and fireplace (well gas fire) I got the details of the two primary schools in the area. One is dreadful (5 headteachers in 3 years :( ) but the closest seems really nice :) They have Playtime buddies, Guardian angels (to protect against bullies) and kids can go onto the School Council :)

We are considering taking a late booking holiday just after Little fella finishes school but I hate flying and would love to avoid it if I could :nonono:

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