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3 Peaks In 24 Hours

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Flat Land Andy's Goffer


Little Man has been in training for his 3 Peaks challenge and climbed Snowdon twice at Easter and Scarfell Pike on 28.5.06.

This week it is all preparation for his Carbohydrate intake, sleep and general relaxation and retaining as much energy as possible. He his also sitting his practice 11+ exams and in general has an awful lot on.

I am really concerned that the sponsorship for the 3 peaks is basically non existent and I am annoyed that people are just so complaicent about his efforts. I don't know how to articulate how big a challenge this is and therefore that he should be recognised for his efforts for other families.

The local paper ran a story on 2.6.06 and Adam went into BBC Radio Cambridgeshire on 3.6.06 and did a live interview, but so far we have only had 6 hits on the website, no emails of encouragement or acknowledgement and no sponsorship. I really don't know what else to do.

Maybe if people had lost all of their family to this disease and had the disease themselves and had had to use the services of Macmillan Cancer Relief to be able to cope with caring and supporting dying family members or for your own support and understanding of the effects and consequences of the disease ,then maybe they would appreciate why Adam is doing what he is doing.

It's not as though he is just doing a sponsored silence or something, not that I think any kind of sponsorhip event or support of any charity is unworthy, it is just that he is undertaking another enormous challenge as he hopes that this would hilite the charity more because of the enormity of his challenges, but this does not seem to be working.

Anyway enough of my moaning, its just that I don't wnat him to be disappointed and his confidence and enthusiasm knocked.

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I think what your son is doing is fantastic and no matter how much he raises he should be proud of his achievements :D

Good luck with the 3 Peaks B)

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