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Stuff In Leeds

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Thundery wintry showers


I haven't updated the general section of this blog for quite some time.

Essentially things in Leeds seem to be going quite well, but I don't have my coursework marks yet; I need to get above 50% average in all modules to be able to continue with this CSIP project analysis. I am also messing around on my computer quite a lot, and having some social events. It's no exaggeration to say that friendship-wise, the period September 2005-May 2006 in Leeds has been the best of my life so far, all I can say is that I hope it continues!

As for the weather outside, it certainly seems to have recognised that summer has arrived. Although my favourite weather types are of the dramatic convective variety (sunshine and showers, thunder events and snow events), this kind of warm dry sunny weather is a very close second. I did make use of it to some extent, eating outside in Hyde Park this evening.

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Glad you are enjoying Leeds Ian :D

From the reports I've had from people I used to work with, Leeds is a bit of a wild night out B) Enjoy but don't enjoy so much it makes your course work suffer ;)

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I don't think my typical night out is typical of what most people do in Leeds- I drink 2-3 units of alcohol at the absolute maximum, and rarely come back later than about 1am.

I get the impression that being a Masters student helps, as the older students seem to have less of a tendency to be drunkards than the undergrads (especially first years).

There's more to do than just drink here though- I get to go tenpin bowling, have games of pool, have meals out etc.

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