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Touch Down

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Well after an incredibly stressful week or so, we have finally found a new place to roost :wub:

I've had a mega bad time in the last 10 days or so and would not wish this on anyone :blink: It's an awful thing to do, looking for a new house in an area you don't know but with little ones and sorting out schools it's 10 times worse :rolleyes: Not to mention the fact I did this only 6 months ago :unsure:

Fingers crossed this will be a good move

On the up side, we went to Sidmouth today and enjoyed the sunshine :nonono:

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know exactly what you mean Katie, we were told on 5.5.06 that the owner was selling our house and we had moved by 20.5.06! Also have the added stress of the fact that little man is sitting his 11+ this year and because we are now in a different county all of our options for secondary schools has changed and therefore all the visits and research that I had done was all in vain because now they are not an option. Alson on 29.5.06 Little man did a prcatice climb at Scarfel Pike for the 3 peaks and so although we moved in on 20.5.06 I have still got things in boxes and now this weekend it is the 3 peaks in 24hrs! Anyway I hope you move goes successfully and that you will be happy. Take care

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