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Stinking Tree Rats

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Well I love squirells, we have two that come into our garden every day. I have built them a nice little table that gets filled with nuts and other nice things just to keep them happy. They prance around the garden without a care in the world.They have even been named by my kids as Nuts (Mr) and Nonuts (Mrs).

I also love the herbs that I have loving nurtured from seed in the house then potted up and finally planted out into a purpose built planter in the garden.

BUT, I got home last night and the stinking tree rats have dug up and eaten one out of the three planters. How do I know it was them I ask you say? Well the kids sat and watch him do it!! If I get my way there will be two Nonuts, If I can get my hands on the little *********!

Rant Over

Thank You...

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