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Planting Time

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Well I have finally got the last of the weeds out of the allotment!!!

So I managed to get some more real fruit and veg planted. First were the strawberries, then some onions and brussels that I grew from seed and some runner beans, which are going to grow up the worlds most over engineered bean frame. Made out of steel pipes and chicken wire it is a sight to behold. I have been approached by the discovery channel to see if I would like it featured in the new series of Megastructures. It will either draw crowds of amazed young children or I'll get banned and thrown off the site.

I have now only got a few more veg to plant out, when it gets a bit warmer. those being sweetcorn and butternut squash.

We have a new neighbour at the site too, "Whingy Woman" she like to complain about everyone and everything she can think of. In a half hour converstion she has already told me how wrong I am doing everything and what I should be doing to put it right. She very nearly ended up as a pole end decoration on the bean frame! I could have hung lights on her at Christmas. But apparently its illegal or someting...

The greenhouse is also plodding along nicely, with tomatoes, courgettes and melons all taking shape. I still have a strange mental block as to watering the plants though, I think that because it has rained I don't need to water in the greenhouse. How the rain is meant to get through the plastic sheeting of the green house I don't know, maybe I'll get over soon that soon.

I have also prepared a new area in the garden to grow the outside crops in growgbags and the salad bed is coming on a storm and I haven't been plagued by slugs yet. That may be something to do with the amount of pellets I have put down.

We had a real cracker of a thunderstorm on Saturday morning, great CG lightning and massive cracks of thunder. It sent of all the local car alarms and blasted the blossom from the trees, but it didn't seem to damage any of the outside veg.

Welll thanks for popping by, Im back off to my strange little world!!

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All round your this summer for a fantastic salad lunch then! :)

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