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Friday Again!

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yippee...end of the week is here and miraculously it's been snowing for most of the day: have woken up to snow for the last 3 days, which is kinda odd!Am off out with my friend and her new boyf tonight....we are going to be the dry run, to see if he's acceptable to be introduced to all her other friends!!! Poor love, she's such a sweetie and sooo nervous about this kind of thing...I'm keeping my fingers crossed it'll be an OK night...should be, but then again you never quite know, do you? But, as long as he's got a sense of humour I'm sure we'll get on fine!Anyway, apart from that not a lot happening today...spent an hour or so this morning playing with Photoshop to make a 'happy birthday' for the site, cleaned the flat, did the washing and ironing and played web monkey for my other half for a little bit....His site is coming along really well...the new version looks fantastic...can't wait for it to be properly launched, so i can show all you guys!Take care and have a good weekend all....Roo :)

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