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Cafe Rage

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Decided to have a bit of retail therapy with me and Tilly today (little fella at nursery all day)

Tilly decided to scream down Next (I think it was comment on the clothes in there) then fell asleep in the car en route to Waitrose. I've got quite snobby (mainly due to Mr Loo) and have chosen Waitrose over Tesco, mainly because they have nicer food in the cafe.

I say nicer food but equally awful staff. Every week Mr Loo makes comments on the Manageress who ends up re-stocking the hot cross buns etc while oblivious to the customers. Today she was clearing tables while her staff did very little.

After feeding little lady, I stood to get some French Onion soup. I stood and stood and stood. One lad was busy with his Panninis and the woman was moving stacks of plates. After she had moved 2 stacks I started to clear my throat in a loud way. The Pannini lad asked her who was on that section "I don't know, I'm not doing it, I've got these to move" to which I lost it a little and said "oh fine, if you don't want to serve me I'll just go shall I" :unsure:

I was so annoyed I ended up going to customer services. They were really shocked and genuinely concerned. Eventually she came back after giving them a verbal kick in and asked if I minded accepting a £5 gift voucher for my stress :nonono: Would I mind :unsure: I'll complain every week if that's what I get :nonono:

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