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I feel like I'm on a very long rollercoaster, sometimes up, sometimes down :nonono:

I try to be jolly and think we will soon sell our house and then we can look for something down in Devon. Then I get on a downer cos I have to pay £75 excess for a new windscreen :unsure:

I know it's only money and that's not what gets me, it's just one bad thing after another at times :nonono:

I think my hormones are getting back to usual after having Tilly, my hair is starting to fall out in great handfuls (when you are pregnant you don't produce one of the hormones which make your hair naturally fall out, hence lovely thick hair)

Things will get better, especialy when the sun starts shining a bit more. I should be thankful I have two lovely kids and a wonderful hubbie :nonono:

Rant over :unsure:

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Oh, Katie... we all have lots to be thankful for... but when those special female hormones get involved, logical thought flies out of the window.

I hope things get easier for you soon.


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Why don't men understand the affect of hormones on women :nonono:

I mean, what do they think rules their lives/trousers :rolleyes:

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I could reply, but I dont thionk its suitable Katie !!!Hope you soon get back on an even keel again :)

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