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Weeds And Immigrants

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Well I thought I would have a quick catch up with the latest boring installment from my allotment. Managed to spend some time there this weekend and I was most suprised to walk up the site to see no weeds growing on my patch! Then I got a bit closer and noticed it was my neighbours and the stinking weeds were still on their bid for world domination on mine.

So me and the trusty hoe ( the gardening tool not me woman..) got to work clearing again. About ten minitues into this latest battle, the weeds struck a painful and final blow to my companion. My Hoe snapped! So it was tiome to get down and dirty, well.. I had to get down onto my knees and pick the little bu***rs out by hand. Oh the joys of Organic gardening. The veg counter at Tesco is looking better every day.

I did manage to eventually get the last of the seeds planted so I can at last see some real progress. The onions are shooting skywards and the potatoes are finally starting to break through. I have earthed them up as the books say and everyone else over there seems to be doing the same so I must be doing something right.

The other big gardening news for this week is that I got a greenhouse. Well its a metal frame that you put a big green condom type thing over the top. My neighbour was a bit concerned that we would be letting illegal immigrants stay in our garden but I reassured him that it really was a greenhouse.

I have now moved the Tomatoes, Courgettes, Squash and Sweetcorn out of the conservatory and into the greenhouse and we have also added some strawberries and Melon seeds.

So I have quite a lot growing at the moment, in the allotment and the greenhouse so I should be overrun with fresh fruit and veg this year! and with all of this exercise I'm getting I will soon be looking like a bronzed Greek God...... maybe

I really would appreciate any comments/advice on growing melons, or general abuse that you want to send me and I promise I won't be rude back.


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