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Its A Tunnel!

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Kentish Snowgirl


Well they say it will get easier guess it is, but I still miss my dad and have my teary moments, like just before my birthday knowing he wouldn't be there for it. Was also hard on my niece's birthday as he adored and worshipped her but we all had fun at her birthday tea, with little 'un dashing through her new play tunnel time and time again, plus her repeating "Its' a tunnel, its, a tunnel" over and over. Other favourite word of the day was "WOW!" I got her one of those helium balloons with her heros, the Tweenies, on, dad had got her one last year so I did the same for her this year as thats what he would have wanted.

We are now the proud owners of an exercise bike, that I bought from a friend. It is sitting there looking at me, menacingly. But it can't persuade me to get on it. Mr KS did 10 miles the other day. I might do 10 in a year, it doesn't suit my posterior :unsure:

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