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Really tired at the mo :nonono:

Lots of stress with the house selling/move. I only hope the new estate agents are better than the last lot :unsure:

This afternoon I tripped on Tilly's Baby Nest and thankfully landed just to the side of her but in doing so managed to hurt my shoulder and my elbow on my left side (think I made it worse avoiding Tilly) It's strange how something that seems not so bad can really hurt for a long time afterwards :unsure:

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How scary is that!? I fell down four stairs with Ollie on Sunday and have carpet burns on my arms and back. So scared that I had hurt him but I think he thought I was playing as smiled and carried on as usual.

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I think you automatically protect what is dear to you :)

When I was much younger I fell down the stone stairs at home with a glass of Vodka and lime. Got to the bottom and didn't spill a drop :blink:

Didn't feel it til the next day :whistling:

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