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Now I think I am a fairly well mannered person, I say please and thankyou, I close my mouth when I am eating and I hold the door open for people before or after I have gone through the doorway, if I am doing something for/with a person, then my attention is on them and I try not to intentionally ignore people.

What I cannot understand, is when I go to buy something in a Tesco store and other stores too, why do the cashiers always find it ok to talk to each other whilst serving, usually not hearing when I ask for something from behind the counter, and when asking for payment or ending the transaction do they never say please or thankyou? Is it part of their training not to be pleasant or is it just a case of them doing us a favour.

It has happened 3 times this week and it really does get me annoyed :unsure:

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Do what I do, and pack your bags incredibly slowly so the shopping piles up and the queue gets longer and longer. Also, pay by cheque.

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