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Osbourne One-Nil


So, I wake up right, and I go into my office to sort my computer out (it keeps freezing and locking up) and I turn the telly on. QVC comes up. I think I was watching Paramount last night and QVC runs through the night on it. Anyway, it was some bloke that makes I Luv Snow look like Russell Crowe, waffling on about his range of beauty products. One of them (£28.99 I believe) was a bottle of little capsules of Vitamin C "serum" which you put into your normal moisturiser to add Vitamin C goodness to it. They proved you needed this by showing you two cut apples; one left untreated, the other rubbed with the Vitamin C "serum". I'll admit, the one rubbed with the Vitamin C "serum" didn't look as brown and as manky as the one left untreated. But what does this prove? I'm not an apple. If I was a fruit, it would probably be something like the pomegranate or something else that no one likes. No...I tell you what it proves. It proves that this country is awash with stupid people who watch this sort of crap and give these tossers their money because they are too thick to realise there is no link between a cut apple and their skin. They are so stupid that they think calling some gunk in a capsule a "serum" means it's some sort of miracle cure, and they are so stupid they think that because QVC have the only stock of this stuff, they really must buy some while they can, rather than wonder to themselves that if this stuff is so good, why isn't it being sold in Boots? I mean, if I was the boss of this company and I had to choose between selling it on a late-night, 30-minute repeated QVC infomercial, or selling it in every high street in the country, I think I'd go for the latter. I turned off when he started selling the skin souffle. He said this stuff "literally abosrobed totally into the skin, hence being called Souffle". What??? Is that what souffle is famous for? Being absorbed by your skin? Tosser.

Have a nice day.

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The best blog i've read in a long time.

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It's Car Crash Telly :nonono:

Sometimes hubbie stumbles on it and starts ranting at the TV (very similar to you) and I try to change the channel only for him to carry on ranting :rolleyes:

Mind you, I had to tear up the QVC card my ex had to stop him getting tempted :wallbash:

Even worse are those "Price Bid" TV channels :blink: Why? Why? Why? :unsure:

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Quite simply OON I have so missed your blogs ! Very funny- very entertaining - and so right !!! Keep them up. Please !! xxx

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I know where QVC is filmed... would you like me to get Lord P to arrange a tour for you?

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