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Eating The Big Apple

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Having visited the US for the first time in February, the start of April found me back in New York on business. All part of a cunning plan by a Project Manager to persuade me to stay with the current company!

I was doing some work in Connecticut, which everyone tells me is beautiful. The place I stayed, Waterbury, kind of ruined that image! Much of Connecticut is beautiful: golden trees, winding valleys, cascading rivers, but Waterbury is a run-down industrial town. One train every four hours chugs up the valley from Bridgeport and deposits its load of passengers on a single platform; more of a plank of wood raised on scaffolding than a station we're used to.

Another problem is the taxis. Carrying my laptop and two pieces of luggage I instantly felt uncomfortable and took a ride with an unregistered taxi driver. He had to drop someone else off on the way, and we went through some parts of town which wouldn't look out of place in some of the most run-down parts of the US.

I was glad to get to the hotel, and instantly fell asleep for twelve hours due to jet-lag.

Anyway, the work went reasonably well and I spent a long weekend in New York. On the Friday, the Senior VP in the US called me and offered me a job out in the US. Basically travelling to customer sites around the US and doing consultancy work. The company will sponsor my work-permit application.

This is too good an opporutnity to turn down. I get paid to travel around the US and live in New York. So, I'll be discussing details with the Global Director on Tuesday, and I could be out there within a couple of weeks.

The nature of the job means that I wouldn't have to stay in New York. I'd definitely start off there, for a couple of years at least all going well, but I could potentially move elsewhere. I'm thinking perhaps New Hampshire or Maine. Lovely winters!

Just been reading that New York averages 29 inches of snowfall a year. Don't want to make anyone jealous... I'll keep an eye on the UK weather and continue to read posts about 3 inches falling. :unsure:

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