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Outlaws Gone

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Well finally I have the place to myself :unsure:

After a week of my mum and auntie (dad's sister) I have a (reasonably) quiet house :nonono:

How can two 60+ women make so much noise/mess :nonono: Two small children don't make that much mess :nonono: My aunt was really helpful, dispite not having had any children but my mum........... :unsure:

Oh well it's easter this weekend and will have a bit more time with hubbie and children doing (hopefully) nice things :angry:

I've kicked the existing estate agent into touch today (14 days notice) and have got the local lot on the case, so hopefully we will get a bit more interest in the house.

Little princess is responding quite well to the medication for reflux (touch wood), I even managed to get a cheery picture out of her the other day

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