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Cold, Cold, Cold....

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went into London this morning and froze! The wind is biting...and apart from a few flakes of snow last night and this morning (which were gone before the poor little dears even knew they had left the clouds) nothing...Had a great weekend...went to my best friend's housewarming which was great fun...started at 3pm, ended at 3am; Excellent!!! Great time was had by all.....and I didn't even manage to get too trolleyed either so didn't have the 'hangover from hell experience'....yayayayayay! Maybe after all these years I'm finally learning???Anyway, hi-light of the party was a chap who juggled fire!!!! Well fire on a chain to be precise....not sure how to quite describe it, but rhythmic gymnastics with a pyromaniac element is kinda close!!!The neighbours loved it (specially as the guy didn't burn down their fence!!!)....quite a novel way to stop people coming and asking you to turn the noise down....give them a display and they'll feel kinder towards you, might not even call the police when they hear a kinda dodgy rock anthem and out of tune singing coming thru their walls at 2am!!!anyway, even though I didn't have a hangover, I'm still really tired (I just can't party like I used to without paying for it!)...off to get food and will talk to you all soon...... :p

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