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Went to Bristol today

First reason was to got to IKEA, which was not pleasant but necessary :unsure:

Second reason was to go to a science park place in the centre.....explore @ Bristol , quite good and would have been very good had Princess Tilly not screamed her head off for most of the time we were there :nonono:

Anyway, it seems she is teathing :nonono: She's only just turned 3 months but she most definately has white bumps comiing through her gums :unsure: (a small part has broken through already)

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Better to go to IKEA this past weekend than on the next few Bank Holiday ones ;) .

@Bristol is brilliant, I'd advise you to go back in 3 or so years when Milo will understand more & Tilly will enjoy it too (but I expect you know that :) ).

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