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A Time For Change

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A milestone in my life has been achieved. I was awarded my exemplary work & long service medal for over 22 years service. It got me thinking, what am I going to do when retirement arrives. If the last 2 decades are anything to go by it will arrive all to quickly.

So I have decided to explore the possibilty of entering the education system again with the the rather ambitious target of becoming a Solicitor on the day I retire.

For a while I had nutured this idea and kept it only as a personal dream. I have though confided in my darling wife and this was her reply,

What are you thinking about?, what about the exspense?, you've never shown any interest in promotion so what makes you think YOU can get a law degree?!!.

I can understand this sort of reply and it was exspected given my past history of starting new things for a while and then abandoning due to lack of interest.

On the other hand this idea has been in the back of my mind since school and it's something I really want to do.

With that in mind I've made an appointment with the course guidance service to find out whats involved, what courses are available to an old fart like me and the costs etc. hopefully come September my darling wife will have realised that I am serious and I will be starting on a new chapter in my life, embarking on the road to a degree course in law <_<

we live in hope

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