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Emily's 2nd Parents Evening

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snow raven


Well, Em has been at school for 6 months (bar about 2 months half term) and tonight we had her 2nd parents evening.

Not really sure what I was expecting (what with 2 full time parents should be culled/put down by the age of 40/or sterilised threads we have had recently) - sorry, have to say, those threads make me die of laughter, really, they do. Like I choose to work!

Anyway. Off topic there. (and doing what I do best - waffling)

Despite being one of two parents who has to work full time to make ends meet, Emily is doing very well indeed. Top of the class academically, and the most polite, friendly kind child in the class. She has already met the teachers academic 'targets' for the year.

Hey ho. My parents never in a million years got such a glowing report about me (infact just the opposite) and yet my old mum stayed at home to look after me full time.

Still, I learnt how to shop in Safeways and lug 6 bags of shopping home in record time and cook mince meat in 101 different ways (and avoided BSE) You know, its amazing im still alive to tell the tale.

Sorry, bitter? Moi? Only reading the 'I know how to be a perfect parent thread' (aka The Youth of Today) and making me feel guilty for having to work really has made my blood boil. So just thought I would write a blog and prove that just maybe, that might not actually be the case.

PS - forgot to mention - Emily can speak better French than me thanks to her 2 days in day nursery - not much of an achievement, I know. But, hey. I'm in the mood for being proud.

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Don't worry hun, you aren't the only one whose blood was boiling. Trouble is they will just instill their self-righteous clap-trap onto the next generation. You are right to be so proud, Emily is a credit to you and Stu. x

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Don't worry Snow Raven- I'm very much with you (and indeed Sarah) on this one.

I admit that I waffled way too much in that thread, but it's what tends to happen when a viewpoint I consider to be intolerant gets my blood boiling- I feel a need to analyse the topic from about 100 different angles to try and show that there's more than one valid opinion on it!

Good to see that Emily's doing well at school- it must feel good, as I know my parents were always happy when me and my sister were getting high grades at school. It reflects well on the parenting too!

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thank you Flaggy and TWS for your words of support. Its much appreciated - because all I ever feel is guilt with some 'perfect parent' threads.

You have to laugh though. Em wasnt planned - and I have no doubt if I chose not to go ahead with the pregnancy, that would be wrong as well by the blinkered fools that state all parents are bad parents unless they can afford to stay off work and look after them without loosing the roof off your head.

Sorry, I know I sound like a bitter person - but I cant help it. Cant these people realise that all I do is the best that I can for my daughter - even if it doesnt quite suit their perfect Mary Poppin's life?

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Here's something simple that I didn't think of in that thread, that should make you feel better:

If one or both parents is feeling down/depressed/trapped due to the financial strain of not working, it's easy to see that this will be detrimental for the child.

So looking at it that way, you going to work may well be the lesser of two evils for Emily, and thus be part of you doing your best for her.

That's the last I'll say on the topic, but I hope you feel better about it now. Don't concern yourself about what they say- it's your life, not theirs.

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