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Stressful Day

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I thought I had cracked Tilly's sleep/feeding schedule but today she proved me wrong :unsure:

Screamed her head off all the time I had planned to do a bit of retail therapy. I tried everything but to no avail <_<

Anyway, it seems that I am right in that they now think she has Reflux, which basically means the muscles at the top of her stomach are not strong enough to stop little bits going back up and causing her pain with acid ;) She is now on baby Gaviscon :nonono:

Tomorrow is the start of trips to the hospital. Little fella's hearing tomorrow, which could be interesting as he will say "what"/"why" all the time :doh:

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Hopefully the baby gaviscon will help with Tilly. And hope Milo's hearing test goes ok tomorrow! :)

When does hubby get back?

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I realised this morning, when I was cleaning Tilly's bottle from last night, that the Gaviscon blocks up the little holes and so she can't drink it. Maybe that explains why she was so upset last night :doh:

I've got some little syringes, so I shall try to give her it after a feed.

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