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Last Night

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kentish maid


I was proud of myself last night. I went out on the town (and got very drunk...well its the weekend so why not)...anyway me and the girls had a great night and it was a proper girlie night, no blokes to ruin it.

Anyway this bloke came up to me and pulled a line on me and he was gorgeous, but I said I had a boyfriend and enjoyed the rest of the night with the girls. My friends were a bit shocked but I though after all whats happened its time for me and my friends and no-one else.

So i got in at about 4am and just woke up. got a bit of a headache but feel suprisingly well for it. just had some sausage sarnies and raring to go (well, maybe not that raring lol)

I guess is should do some college work....nah, the tv and this website should keep me going for the rest of the day <_<

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