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kentish maid


Well I am feeling it today. Had a bit too much wine last night. Me and my mum stayed in and had a girly night. Now we have both wokn up and she has skipped work and I have skipped college tut tut <_<

And what did I find on the mobile this morning? a message from the so called boyfriend I had been seeing for a while. Ok it wasnt that serious but its nice to think that the relationship would be monogomous (sp?) thats how i always am so is it too much to expect from other? oh well, well rid i say.

Even though you get rid of someone who's a bit of a w*****r u still miss em cos of the company, its a catch 22 situation. thats what friend are for though to take your mind of it and i have definately got some good ones there

Right do u think I'm sad? why? cos I have decided to have a net-weather day. so all calls and college or are the back burner and I am gonna just spend a day dedictaed to this webiste and chatting and having a laugh. I dont think it is. I think its good to escape to virtual reality once in a while

Anyway, back to the chit chat forum

Have a good day all

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