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Escaping Cheltenham tomorrow :unsure:

Off down to Devon to check out various possible locations to move to. It's strange yet again as I have never been to the area before (except the other week before hubbie accepted the job)

Princess Tilly has given me a very hard weekend but I hope we are turning the corner now and the future is full of smiles :nonono:

Oh and Religion according to a 4 year old (no offence to anyone who is religious)

"what are you doing Milo?"

"I'm trying to do a cross on your head"


"because that's what the other's do" (at nursery)

"oh, ok"

"It's because Jesus did it, then he got mad and ponged himself up in the air onto the big red cross"

"oh, ok"

My appologies for the lack of response but I just didn't know quite what to say <_<

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:lol: :lol: :lol: aren't they just so great! A few weeks after my mum died our fish died my son, then about 4 wanted a funeral in the garden I persuaded him it would be best to flush, oh he said is that what you did with nanny? what can you do but smile good luck in Devon.

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So how did you find Devon?

(and don't say - at the bottom of the M5! ;) )

Erm.....we decided we don't like Honiton but like the south Devon coast :D

Think we shall look at Exeter and other variables ;)

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