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Presentation To Little Man

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Flat Land Andy's Goffer


Have had a strange week this week. Eventually got to the boiler working again on Thursday evening and therefore had hot water and heating for the first time in 7 days! :nonono: The young gentleman, who I have to say was extremely pleasant and knowledgeable, advised that the boiler had been leaking water and gas into the area where the electrics were and apparently LPG is heavier than natural gas and would therefore have sat at the bottom of the hearth where the electrics and pilot light are. :unsure: You can imagine my "concern" that the previous plumber had advised that it wasn't dangerous and that the letting agents had left it 3 months before doing anything about it.

When I approached them with what they were going to do about the previous plumber/heating engineer I received no comment. I advised that they were not to know that it was DANGEROUS as they were not to expected to understand the extent of the problem,after all they are not heting and plumbing engineers, but had they communicated the fault fully to this new company that they were using, that they would have immediately told them it was Dangerous. This i am sure of because when they phoned me and made the appointment to come and have a look, as the letting agents had advised that there was a problem with the it, I told them exactly what the previous engineer had advised on the gas safety certifcate and they said that they need to come immediately because it was of extreme concern and I was not to use it! <_< I have still received no reply and am unsure what to do next because this engineer could be putting other peoples property and lives at risk!!! I think I will give Citizens advice a ring, because after all surely the letting agents shouldn't be using him anymore either because if they are other owners properties and the tenants could be at risk! I know this probably sounds a bit melodramatic but it doesn't bear thinking about what could have happened.

Anyway onto more cheerful subjects, the local paper phoned me on Thursday and asked if they could come and present little man with a Pride of Peterborough T-Shirt for his fundraising efforts on behalf of cancer charities. This was a lovely surprise and they came and took some photos on Thursday evening, but I am still trying to find out who suggested that he should be presented with this T-Shirt so that I can thank them for their support of little man efforts as we really do appreciate all the postive encouragement he receives because to be honest he has received so little from his immediate acquaintance or from his school that every bit is gratefully received.

Anyway got to sign off. Hope everyone is well.

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