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Every Parents Nightmare

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It's been an awful week for us,

my 5 year old niece was struck down by menigitis, the viral form. She was happy alert last Friday, then on the the Saturday she began to feel unwell, she was sat in the front room on the floor, chewing. She had nothing in her mouth at the time, then she wouldn't respond to her parents or even recognise them.

They'd been giving her Calpol up until then, but then the rash appeared. She was rushed to Hospital. In the A & E she began to fit and the rash flared up, within 6 hours she had been transfered to ITU and was on life support.

My Sister-in-law and her partner were beside themselves, the whole family was knocked sideways.

The poor mite has been through a tremendous amount, she's had a massive amount of anti-biotics, gone through a spinal tap and been ventilated for 3 days.

The good news is that she is now out of hospital with apparently no ill effects. I have to say the speed at which the disease spread and just how hard it hit her, we're only glad that it wasn't the bacterial version.

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Oh my god! How on earth did you all cope! This must be any parents worst nightmare. Thankfully she is now well, but please give her a big hug from me & Mrs D and be assured that you are all in our thoughts.

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Sorry to hear about that :(

i went thru a similar thing last year with a friend of mines little girl.

Glad she is on the road to recovery


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