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Hectic Weekend!!

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Hi all!! ;)

Well what a hectic weekend,i had my brother and sister in law down and my 2 neices for the weekend!

They came friday night and went back sunday afternoon.

On friday was the usual drunkeness!! and saturday we all took the girls to crealy park,it was great,a really sunny day too which was lucky.

There was loads to do and we spent the whole day there.then we came back to have fish and chips and more drink..................and more.,......and more food!! :doh: :unsure:

Then we decieded on sunday to go and see our grandparents so we went there for the morning,and at lunchtime went to a lovely pub for lunch and there was a kids play area inside so that kept the girls quiet!!!

Then we got back to ours and off they went,lots of driving about so we were all tired,especially me and the o/h as the girls hardly slept so we were up at an unheard of hour both days,so we went to bed at 8 last night!!!!

So this morning i have been cleaning up the house,its so quiet now they have gone its weird!!

I was really chuffed to come online to a pm from paul telling me my photo was one of the ones chosen for the homepage! i still cant believe it!!so that put me in a good mood! :nonono:

We are trying to sell out car at the moment so fingers crossed,we keep getting stupid tyre kickers on the phone and coming round!!cant stand them, <_< .hopefully a genuine buyer wil appear this weekend!

Apart from that nothing else to report,still applying for work whenever a job appears!!

And my diet is still failing!!and the months are ticking by,its march already so i better get a move on! ;)

Hope your all ok


xx ;)

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Crealy is brilliant isn't it :D . Do they still have that assualt course route along by the river/stream?

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