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Noises From The Kitchen

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Flat land Andy


Friday night always follows the same routine, finish work chill out for an hour or two, then when the supermarket has quietened down we do our weekly shop. This means we normally get home at about 7.30 pm. Because of the late hour and it being Friday we treat ourselves. Last Friday was pizza and garlic bread Friday. After preparing the feast I divided it equally leaving the two hard ends of the garlic bread on the chopping broad on the kitchen side. The meal was consumed in front of the TV where we watched “Just the two of us”. After we’d finished tea, Adam drifted off upstairs and Sarah drifted off in the chair, I continued to watch TV. A short while later I become aware of a noise coming from the kitchen. This is not uncommon because our cat can often be heard in the kitchen. After about 20 minuets I realised that the cat was a sleep on Sarah's lap and I could still hear the noise coming from the kitchen. I got out of my chair very quietly, a challenge because it’s a squeaky swivelling rocking chair and tiptoed to the kitchen door. Peering around the corner at first and then slowly creeping my way to where I thought the noise was coming from, I found nothing. I continued to have a good look around but I could not find a thing. Intrigued I made my way back to my chair. Yet again after a short while the noises returned. This time I decided on surprise, so I dived out of the chair and ran into the kitchen, again nothing. But on closer investigation I realised the chopping broad, which should still have, two garlic bread ends on it no longer did. One lay there lifeless, but one was definitely missing. I carefully examined the side first checking behind the utensils pot and then the oils and finally the spice rack, but nothing. At this point I noticed to the right of the spice rack jammed in between the cooker and the side the missing garlic crust. I pulled out the crust, which had been firmly jammed in place, holding it between two fingers I turned it round so I could examine it closely. At this point I noticed the familiar signs that we now had a new lodger. As before when the weather turns cold we are usually visited by a mouse, and as like in-laws they never want to leave. So we now have to go down the road of first humanely and then a violent removal of said intruder. I will keep everyone posted on our progress.

P.S. cat for sale will swap for mousetrap!

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Ooh we had Fieldmice about 6 years ago. I heard noises between the floorboards for several nights but couldn't decide what it was. Then we found droppings in the loft. The most amazing thing was when I was up late one night and heard them in the lounge. Tried to locate where they were, after a few minutes searching I saw one scurry along a unit and squeeze between the bars of my hamster's cage, he sat down feasting on the hamster's food :blink: :lol: ! There were 3 of them in total and they were soo cute.

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