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What Will Next Week Bring?

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Flat Land Andy's Goffer


Have been busy washing doing housework etc, but took time out to take Little Man to the cinema this afternoon. We went to see the Chronicles of Narnia and all thoroughly enjoyed it! I had forgotten how enthralling CS Lewis was as an author, mental note to myself . . . . must borrow little mans books and re-read them(After I have finished Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Next to You and Darcy's story!)

With Little Man having finished the walk I am not reading as much as I was. Whilst they were walking I was at the next pick-up point waiting and reading and now that we are at home there is always so much to do. Must make more time to read. I find it thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable and I love drifting into other "worlds" or people's experiences.

Little Man and I are competing his schedule for the next couple of months this evening as he wants to try to incorporate all of his committments as well as preparing/training for the 3 peaks in 24hrs challenge. He has asked if we can sit down and diarise what he is doing when so that he can make sure he gets all his homework done in good time, prepare for his sats, complete his football training and play in the league on Saturdays, help the new members in his 6 at cubs and complete another couple of badges, his chefs, home help, animal carers and scientists badges! Mental note to myself I will have to read up on what he needs to do for these badges becuase he knows and I don't!

What will next week bring with regard to work? Stress and more stress as I know there are a couple of BIG quotes that I have got to do aswell as everything else and trying to motivate everyone to actually think for themselves is always on the cards. It is so much easier to ask someonelse and then get them to do it for you, don't you find!?!

What will next week bring with regard to home? Well an estate agent contacted us on Friday and is coming midweek to do a valuation and we have been advised that the boiler should be repaired on Thursday so we should have hot water and heating by Thursday evening!

What will next week bring with regard to the letting agents actually telling us what his happening? You can bet nothing will happen! It was the company that came and disconnected the boiler on Friday that told us it should be completed by Thursday, not the letting agents. . . . . . still no communication from them either about the boiler or the valuations so why should next week be any different!

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Glad to hear you are getting the boiler sorted out, about time too :nonono:

I feel for you, it's really unsettling not knowing what is going on with your home and not being in control of your destiny makes it even worse :(

I hope you find out what is going on and then you can tackle the situation as best you can

Good luck

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