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First Jabs

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Today was Princess Tilly's first set of jabs and boy did she not like them :unsure:

She calmed down after a while but it's so horrible to watch when she's looking up at you "why you doing this to me mummy"? ;)

She's been ok (touch wood) was a bit grizzly this afternoon but wee bit of Calpol and she calmed down. She has even gone to sleep without any fuss tonight

The doctors/health visitors round here seem hell bent on making me paranoid :nonono: The doctor mentioned about Tilly's head being slightly unsymetrical and wanted to make sure it's checked at the next set of jabs <_< I said I was not worried as Little fella had a weird looking head that made him look like he had been hit by a spade and still has a slight flat bit :doh:

Had first viewing on the house. Woman was in and out in minutes and wanted a separate dinning room rather than our kitchen diner, so I'm not sure it's for her but it's early days ;)

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What a coincidence! Nellie had her last set of jabs today! But luckily she didn't grizzle nearly as much as last time, and, as a precatuion, I retired to bed with her this afternoon to snooze and watch snow...I can't recommend this anti grizzle technique highly enough :D:D:D

Sorry to hear Tilly is being pestered by the baby police (I know so much how you feel...they spend loads of time telling you that they always trust mums to know their kids best, then whammo, suddenly tsssssssskkkkk, there's just this little thing they need to keep an eye on, sure it's nothing to worry about, but would be failing in my job, etc, etc.....)

Sounds like the house is moving along too....

I so admire you...one toddler, one baby and a second house move....WOWOWOWOWOW!!! :o

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Thanks Roo :D

They are paranoid that I am going to get Post Natal Depression again but I think with all that has gone on recently I should have it by now if I am going to get it :doh:

I'm not sure Milo would like to be known as a Toddler anymore :lol:

How's motherhood treating you :)

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I so wouldn't want to be back where you are - I hated jab time it turned me into a blithering wreck I think they have more effect on the mums than they do the baby. Please don't worry yourself about the silly head comment they said the same sort of thing to me about my youngest sons head - his head is fine it just didn't fit in with thier silly charts, he is 6 now and all the things they managed to worry me about are fine- enjoy your baby and indeed your toddler because believe me they grow up so fast. I hope princess tilly is ok and doesnt fret to much after her jab xxx

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