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Actually Using The Gym Membership

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As a little booster to my wife and I, we ( for this read she ) decided that we should join a gym.

Now this decision was made after much discussion and in the end my wife said we were going to join, so we did.

Now enrolment was particpated in prior to Christmas. This was on the grounds of;

  • That EVERYONE joins AFTER Christmas
  • If we start before, then it doesn't matter how much you indulge over Christmas

Now the latter did appeal to me, bearing in mind that as mentioned in an earlier entry that I would be holidaying at home for 4 weeks.

In any event we have been attending the Gym for 2 months now. The vexed question of is it working is now raising itself within the marital home.

You see, if one measures the success of this fitness regime by only one perameter, in this case the bathroom scales, a very many will be disappointed. I am losing weight albeit very, very slowly- but I am losing inches- and lots of them. My wife on the other hand is losing inches as well-but the defining factor to her feeling of success in this endeavour, is losing pounds. This one aspect is going frustratingly slowly for her.

No amount of "You do look thinner" or "Just look at the tape measure" or "Your BMI is loads of % less now dear", seem to bolster her confidence. Now there lies the problem. As I visibly shrink before her eyes and she shrinks before my eyes only; it is a trueism in life that if your Wife can't see it then it ain't happening/didn't happen.

Give her, her due though, she works incredibly hard and is still attending the gym religiously, although she swears that the Legs Bums and tums on Sunday mornings is more like attending a class in male hating boxercise and self inflicted exhaustion, induced from an instructor honed and toned at the feet of Vlad Tep the Impalers personal torture advisor, if there was such a thing.

Finally, WHY, whenever I log onto MY computer does my daughters MSN immediately start pinging away, which then leaves me to try and find the correct version to log out and then explain to the little darlings as to why THEY ( read me) were SO rude in simply logging on and off the other day without replying.


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