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Another Oompa-loompa Day

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Flat land Andy


Nightmare day trying to strip asbetos with the wind and cold at least it was dry. Finally managed to get the roof watertight by 6pm, was very glad to get in the truck and home.

We are making final preparations ready for tomorrow. We will be travelling to Somerset ready to start the final legs of Adams walk. We are taking advantage of Adams half term to finish the walk. He only has 81 miles left to do, so if he walks 13.5 miles a day for 6 days he can have 2 rest days and finish on the 18th at Abbotsbury. After walking 290 miles in 21 days (over 4 months) according to Macmillan Cancer Relief Adam age 10 will become the youngest person to ever walk the Macmillan Way. To find out more you can visit his website www.dodsonchallenges.co.uk

We are hoping for good weather, so we would appreciate it if everyone could lay off the snow dances until the 20th of Feb. Must fly have to pack bags, wife thinks she's going away for a month.

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