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Fingers Crossed

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Hi all!!

Well i had a good weekend,me and the o/h went to stay with my mum this weekend,it was a laugh!! <_< alot of drink and surprise surprise some monopoly!!haha :nonono:

That was such fun,not played it for yrs and i actually won!!!! :unsure:

We spent alot of the weekend out walking as mum has a puppy well its 5mth old and a black lab so nearly full grown!and has alot of energy,so that was fun,cos i love walking.

I am doing well on my diet and have nearly lost a stone,so im pleased,i know i can do well as i have until july so im going to keep going.

We finally after a long wait have broadband!! yeh its so much better than dial up and its great not to get so frustrated waiting for pages to load etc!!haha :nonono:

I had a interview on thursday in a jewellers in town and they are looking for a someone to serve, as well as jewellery repairs so its going to be a very interesting job,they said they would let me know the end of this week, but i have already heard from them and they have asked me to come in tomorrow to have a trial day to see if i like it and they like me and then i will hear from them if i get it,its kind of like a second interview!

So im quite excited as the money really is needed!!

Anyway apart from that there is nothing else really to report!!

Hope u all had a great weekend! :blink:


B xxx

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