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Flat Land Andy's Goffer


Been a little while since I posted so thought I would do a quick update. Little Man received his Chief Silver Scout award a couple of weeks ago and last week got his 4 years badge for being in the scouting movement. This year is the 90th year of cubs so he got a badge for that aswell. He recently got his book readers badge and art badge so all I seem to do at the moment is sew badges onto his cubs uniform!

We have got a weekend at home this week and I planned on doing so much around the house but we have all been so chilled that to be honest nothing is getting done so I must make a real effort today! Hubby will have to help whether he likes it or not I am not wasting a whole weekend at home and then trying to get everything done in the evenings during the week when we are planning for the final push to finish the Macmillan Way next week.

Little Man has his school assembly on Friday. They auditioned for their parts on on Friday and he came home on Friday night saying that he had got 17 speech's to learn. He is really chuffed that he was successful in getting a substantial part. At the moment I don't seem to be able to get his head out of a book, not that I am complaining. He has started reading the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz and is thoroughly enjoying them. He read Ark Angel first( which apparently is the last one in the series), he read that in a week, so we then had to go and buy Storm Breaker and he has read that in a week so now he is on Point Blanc.

With regard to me I am absolutely exhausted! It just seems to be a round of work(stress tress and more stress), housework, helping at the school, fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Relief, getting Little Man to and from his various activities and never seeming to get everything done. I think that is why this weekend we are all so chilled, because we are all trying to recharge the batteries ready for the final push for completing the Macmillan Way next week.

The trouble is I know that then the push will be to start getting the fiundraising organised for the 3 peaks in 24hrs at the end of May beginning of June! Our second driver for this challenge has let us down, AGAIN! We were supposed to do this challenge last year and he then came along and said that he couldn't get the time off work. Luckily we had only just started the fundraising organisation so we postponed it until this year. (Little Man was still adamant that he wanted to do it, so begged us to arrange it for another time). He, the second driver, has had a year of knowing the dates that he needed to book for this years holiday and a couple of weeks ago he came for Sunday dinner, as usual, and said that he couldn't have the time off because his boss was off. He hadn't booked the holiday and had let everyone else book theirs first! The trouble is this time the dates have all been publicised and again we are trying to do it in the school holidays because I do not agree with Little Man having time out of school. Makes me thing that he never really wanted to do it and should have just said that at the beginning rather than waiting till now!

Hubby has just told me off for writing a novel, AGAIN so I had better sign off. Have got to get the dates sorted for 3 operations with 3 different consultants next week. Am tired of having to deal with cancer in one way or another. Just wish that someone could say it was all just a bad dream.

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