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well after a mild and wet start this morning (whilst we were on our way out, of course!) we've now got scudding cloud and the temp has dropped....fingers crossed for even a smattering of snow! Did the trip into town to get shopping and spent most of the time being battered and pushed about by hoards of men desperately scouring the shops for roses and a heart shaped box of chocs........The majority of younger men have pushchairs with them: very Islington set in St. Albans....the men get sent out with the kids on a saturday! BTW...you also see a disproportionate amount of 'designer' buggies here, best one so far was a Land Rover pushchair...I kid you not! .......coming home from London on monday will be funny, as there's always the commuters who have forgotten it was valentine's day until their PA reminded them at 4pm and who have run to the nearest Marks (who by this time have nearly sold out) to get the flowers (usually a limp and wilting bunch of carnations) and consolatory expensive champagne to make up for the drooping blooms....these men can be seen clasping their haul to them on the train, whilst trying not to let their macho image go toooooooo much in the process.......excellent viewing!anyway, back to the newspapers....RooP.S. Ironing Board animal of the day is Harold the Chicken....

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