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bash the smokers

time to bash the smokers again, new ad on tv showing tumors growing on cigs wile being smoked by the way i am a smoker the goverment tell us that it is costing the nhs too mutch, but they never mention the 20 billion they get in tax off us smokers. why dont they start to pick on the drinkers as they cost the nhs 20 billion a year roting livers diseaced kidneys drunken punch ups drunk drivers you get my drift i also like an occasionall drink. my grump is that the goverment wont take on the drinks industry as this would realy make them unpopular but thats ok they will just put more tax on the beer to make us pay, not as mutch as ciggs though two thirds of the price is tax on every pack average is four pound forty wy dont they do this with beer they darenot but they would like to that would sort the economy out would it not



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