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My Summer

ok i hope ive sussed this thing out! not much good at technical things...

well, i thought id write down on why i like heat in summer, saves explaining it on the model thread!

ideally i wouldnt like wall to wall heat, but a perfect summer to me would be several hot spells followed by a thundery breakdown. why do i like sunshine and heat? well, i like to use my garden, especially in may-aug. my hobby is metal detecting which commences after a summer break in august (harvest), so ive planted up my garden with plants that will be at their best in the height of smmer (hence no liking for september heat).

i like outdoor living, i like going in the pool when its hot, i like seeing unusual butterflies and moths, humingbird hawk moth, painted ladys, clouded yellows, and i like hearing swifts screaming above.. hence im very much looking for nice warm sunny weather. however, i do realise that our climate doesnt often deliver this, which makes it all the more enjoyable when we do get it. its been 5 years now since i, here in derby, enjoyed a decent hot spell, which is getting on now for 'overdue'.

so i make no apologies for being keen to see something warm/hot evolve...



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