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About this blog

Reports from the frontline of uk storm chasing... ie mostly M25 variable limit and ques

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A Few Photos & Vids Of This Years Weather So Far..

I thought I might share these

First, from the snow that saw in the new year. The first one is the church next to my house and the second of Gloucester Docks



On Feburary 27th an unseasonal convective cell suprised me with a rotating updraft after it rained on me, shot near Gloucester

[media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqMlYqCAZo8[/media] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgC32O6Pi3M[/media]

Much more recently on the 8th June I took a mosey down the motorway to chase some promising looking showers/storms. One cell near Bristol reportedly had a funnel, I think this may be that cell. It certainly had some suspicious lowerings under it as I approached. Unfortunately by the time I got there stuff was already beginning to die off due to high pressure re-establishing. This was shot looking South toward Bristol as it was dissipating.


And a couple of stills of the same cell



Plus heres a few more, couple of sundogs and some cool Cirrus

[attachment=101997:_MG_9458-1Smaller.jpg][attachment=101998:IMG_9342-1smaller.jpg][attachment=101999:IMG_9422-1smaller.jpg][attachment=102000:IMG_9422-1smaller.jpg][attachment=102001:Sundog Small.jpg]




Happy Start To The Storm Season!

Well it's nearly upon us anyway. Ive been searching for UK storm videos on YouTube and seems a lot of them are from May and June and May is only 5 weeks away! April could well bring some suprises too. I know this year ill be chasing anything I can, hopefully youll see video of one of the 30 or so tornados we apparently get each year.

All I gotta do is buy a car....

These pics are from my chases in '09. Even though it was relatively quiet theres always something worth chasing!




Building Up My Driving Stamina ^^


What a terrible August its been for storms! I always thought when I was young that the storms avoided me, always flashing away to the East or the West, rarely overhead. Now, with the availability of radar, my scope of oberservation is widened and they're avoiding me on a national scale! Im sure all enthusiasts feel like that sometimes.

Today was another disappointing day for some im sure, I know it was only 10% chance or so but it felt like more I saw some excellent convective cells over Dartmoor earlier on the very back edge of the cloud associated with the CF. Really dark textured bases stretching from horizon to horizon but for whatever reason it remained only very shallow convection.

Two good things from today though, I drove 450 miles from Glos to Penzance and back and it actually wasnt that arduous, I feel like im ready to drive 600 miles at a time accross the midwest states!

Secondly, ive been doing alot of reading on the weather basics and im on a [i]very[/i] steep learning curve, but now the passage of a cold front without the presence of storms is just as fascinating! So, even though the storms are avoiding me, im getting my fix elsewhere

Attached is a pic taken looking out west from the coast of Cornwall this afternoon, I think it might be the trough that was out over the Irish sea today. Are these sheared?




Storms On The Horizon.... And A Look Back To Some In The Past


Ive been reading the posts about the upcoming week and its attendant storm potential and ive been getting quietly excited like many of us. As Dogs32 said: agree with this being too far away at present for anyone to get too excited................... ..party time! That made me laugh.

As Thursdays normally my day off (which has been very lucky these past couple months!) Ill probably go chasing again but in the mean time I found some old pics. I hope someone remembers this day.

I never got to see anything much as I was working and had no idea it was coming but I took some pics of the anvils as it went by. The day was June 19th 2007, heres a grab from the radar archive


The storms that passed near to me were described as being worst in a decade, with 31mm of rain in 30 mins in Bristol and I remember them being in the news that evening. I cant find very much about them now on the internet. Heres a news article from Worcester news:


I tried to find something from the NW archives but unsuccessfully so if anyone can help that would be awesome!

I can remember these storms being different from storms we normally get, the clouds seemed simply bigger, they also seemed wetter/more humid/more 'tropical'. Kinda hard to describe but maybe something of what I mean comes over in the photos.

So, with the coming week in mind, here they are. If anyone else has any photos, accounts of the storms or links where I can read about them and dream some more, id love to hear from you!






An Introduction


My name is Joe. Ive never blogged before, nor have I really read anyone elses so ill be guessing how this works...

I am an amater storm chaser of sorts, most of the charts dont mean alot to me yet so chases are generally impromptu and often misguided but Ive got to try! I love extreme weather, especially lightning and ive been trying for a while now to take photos of it but ive been rather unlucky. Ive only recently discovered this online community and got my radar subscription so hopfully soon ill be able to post my first real lightning pics!

Anyway, heres some photos ive taken over the years prior to 2009 when ive not been stuck in work or traffic. Some are taken in my proverbial backyard from unexpected events, some ive driven miles for and not represented are the thousands of miles ive driven for nothing lol.

Now I gotta go to work, bring on the next storm!


PS If anyones interested in getting some bigger res images for desktops etc. just send me a message



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