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chapter 3?

Aaaaarrrghhhh....back to work tomorrow...I'm getting the shakes and palpitations just thinking about it!!......Oh well, I suppose the bills have to be paid.....Will anyone lend me 10 grand so I can take another 3 months off??




chapter 1 page erm.....2

Ok, so here's my random thought for the day.....why is teleporting allowed on star-trek and not in real life?....am I missing something? .....I'm driving tomorrow from stafford to Torbay via Exeter and its 3 hours of utter boredom!! why oh why cant I teleport down there directly onto broadsands beach in Paignton?...Its just not fair!




Chapter 1 Page 1

Time for a blog
Well, everyone else is doing it, so I must keep up with the Joneses!

Well, I've just celebrated that special day once a year that marks you as one year closer to departing this mortal realm
Had a few to celebrate...Opened up all those lovely cards recieved in the mail...hmm...Scottish Power sent me one with a final demand...lol.....BT sent with me a lovely thoughtful bill, but I guess they must have forgotten what day it was, as there were no kisses or best wishes from them on this special day... There were lots of presents, with my favourite coming from an annonymous source, namely someone gave me a special birthday dose of the flu, hence the reason why I'm sat here typing rather than working!

My son's currently down on his summer holidays and apart from breaking my finger whilst playing cricket with me, has spent his time holed up in his bedroom....Yes, at the age of 14, he's discovered religion, worshipping an oblong piece of plastic & metal that he spends hours staring at it....The given name for this religious cult is called 'XBOX360ISM'

Anyways must dash, He's just popped out of his bedroom stating that he's gonna go for a five mile run......AND PIGS MIGHT FLY!!!